‘Stick That in Your Country Song’ by Eric Church: Listen

Eric Church advocates more serious material in country songwriting with the furious new single “Stick That in Your Country Song”.

Opening with a sinister acoustic guitar riff, Church describes social issues plaguing people in cities like Detroit and Baltimore, along with returning veterans from combat and underpaid teachers. “Paste that into your country song / Take that to Number One,” he orders, offering a critique of the material to feel good on country radio while his band produces some rock & roll. Church becomes a dynamic vocal performance at all times, ranging from a tense whisper in his first few verses to a scream of blood in the second verse as he begs someone to “Shudder, stop my heart / Take the speakers off this car”. . “

Written by Jeffrey Steele and Davis Naish, “Stick That in Your Country Song” is the first official preview of Church’s upcoming album, the still-untitled follow-up to 2018. Desperate man. Church and a team of writers wrote many of the songs for the project during a retreat in North Carolina.

Over the past year, the country singer has offered other visions of what might be on the new album. In April, he debuted the song “Never Break Heart” as part of the ACM presents: our country special, performed “Jenny” for the live broadcast Stagecouch, and released a snippet of a song called “Through My Ray-Bans”.