Steelers TE Eric Ebron confirms second half game plan was not improv

When the Pittsburgh Steelers came out of the locker room after halftime on Sunday, they turned their offense into 11 and put on a show. The Steelers were down 21-7 to start the second half and lost. But then quarterback Ben Rothlisberger took over, throwing three touchdowns in 244 yards and a half to beat the Indianapolis Colts.

But before you start wondering if this was the case of a Rothlisburger who played in the dirt, it wasn’t. Eric Ebron at least according to the tight end. He spoke to the media on Monday and it was not a case of improvisation when the crime arose and the Steelers practiced all those plays.

So, what has changed? It seemed that Rothlisberg had taken control of calling only aggressive plays, regardless of what the outrageous coordinator Randy Fechtner had sent.

In the second part, Rothlisberger figured out Fechtner’s plan and did it himself. That is why the crime took off. Going forward, if the Steelers want to continue winning, Rothlisberger should be called to play from the start of the game and given full autonomy of the offensive gameplan.