State officials confirmed 1,857 new cases, the highest daily count record Pennsylvania News

Harrisburg, Pa. – The Department of Health confirmed at 12:00 a.m. on October 17 that there were 1,857 additional positive cases of Covid-19, the second-highest number of one-day cases since the onset of the epidemic.

The highest one-day total came on April 9, with a total of 1,989 cases.

An additional 108 cases are being reported in Berks County, according to officials.

October The number of tests conducted within the last 7 days between October 10 and 16 October is 234,583 with 9,778 positive cases. The results of 41,794 examinations were reported to the department by 10:00 pm on October 16.

Officials say there are a total of 8,466 deaths attributed to Covid-19, with nine new deaths reported.

There are 1,673 cases that have a positive viral antigen test and are considered potential cases and 648 patients who have a positive serology test and are exposed to either Covid-19 symptoms or high-risk exposure.

There are 2,119,850 patients who have tested negative to date. The age breakdown in patients who tested positive to date is as follows.

  • About 1% are 0-4 years old;
  • About 2% are 5-12 year olds;
  • About 5% are 13-18 years of age;
  • About 14% are 19-24 years old;
  • About 36% are 25-29 years old;
  • About 21% are ages 50-64; And
  • About 21% are 65 years of age or older.

The following regions have seen a significant increase in the number of 19- to 24-year-olds each month from April to October.

NC – April so far in October about 7% of cases are in April and about 34% of cases.

SE – April About 5 per cent of cases so far in October are about 17 per cent of cases in April.

NE – April 6 per cent cases in April so far in October and about 20 per cent cases.

NW – April About 7% of cases so far in October and about 19% of cases.

SW – April About 5 percent of cases so far in October and about 13 percent of cases in October.

SC – April In October so far about one percent of the cases are in April and about 10 percent of the cases.

In nursing and personal care homes, there are 24,482 resident cases of COVID-19, and 5,361 cases in staff, a total of 29,843 cases at 1,021 separate facilities in 62 counties.

Of the total deaths, 5,608 occurred in residents of nursing or personal care facilities, according to reports.