Square Enix wants to release Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 as soon as possible

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Screenshot: Square Enix

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In April Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII Remake. While talking to Weekly famitsu, the developers of the game revealed that part 2 is currently in production, picking up where the first remake was.

“While we are seriously working on it [part 2]”Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi said Famitsu, “We can make you wait, but look forward.”

While it seems like developing the sequel will take time, I’m not assuming it will take almost as long as the first one. Final Fantasy VII Remake entry, which was announced in 2015. I mean, I hope not!

“We are very aware of the voices that say they want to continue as soon as possible,” added director Tetsuya Nomura. “We would like to get it out as soon as possible, but we are also monitoring the quality. For the next one, because we want players to enjoy something that is even higher quality than the current one, we ask that you wait a little longer, even though we are trying to launch the game as quickly as possible. “Nomura added that when The next entry is announced, he thinks Square Enix will be able to better convey his plans for the future.

According to producer Yoshinori Kitase, “The story of the new Final Fantasy VII Just getting started. Please wait how things unfold. “

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