Spring breakers can spell ‘perfect storm’ for COVID-19 spreads

One expert has warned that having a spring break party could spell a “complete storm” to spread new coronavirus variants in the US.

“It’s a complete storm,” said Dr. Blair, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the College of Medicine. Peter Hotz told CNN.

Hotez said he feared college college kids who hit the party scene in Florida could spread the highly contagious UK currency, known as B1.1.7.

“You’ve got the B.1.1.7 variant speed in Florida. You’ve got all these 20-year-olds, “he said.

“None of them have a mask. They are all going to drink. They are approaching very closely. And then, after all that is done, they will go back to their home states and spread the B.1.1..7 variant. “

Hotez noted that Florida currently has the highest rate in the UK currency, which is believed to be as transmissible as the original strain.

Hotez said the U.K. There is no time for a variant to do a superspider event, which would look like a spring break in Florida.

“This is not the time to send 20-year-olds to Florida, then this is not the time to send them back across the country.”

Hotez said other spring break locations, such as Texas and Mississippi, could also now become hotspots for the virus, while states have ordered masks.

“A lot of (students) are also going to South Texas, and that’s also a matter of concern,” Hotez said, adding that the lack of mask rules would “boost COVID-19 nationally.”

Hotez has urged people to avoid traveling unless they have been vaccinated or have recently become infected.

“I know it’s frustrating,” Hotez said. “But try to maximize social distance and masks, and this could be a spring break left for you to leave.”