Spider-Cat already ready to be the real hero of Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Coming on PS4 and PS5 on November 12, but this week we got a glimpse of the game’s most important feature: Spider-Cat.

Yes, Spider-Cat is real and can perfectly be your friend and criminal fighting partner.

The big origin comes courtesy of the gameplay video Game Informant That shows The Morales specific conspiracy behind the Bodega robbery is not fully explained, but it appears the Bodega owner has a cat (Also Named Spider-Man) who was taken during the crime. Morales dutifully proceeds to finish off the bad guys, and in the process retrieves our cat friend, apparently unlocked as part of the player’s alternate costume.

However, the Spider-Cat doesn’t just cool your backpack. Once adapted with his own mask, he would deliver finishers to the bad guys, jumping on them with furry furry claws.

Honestly, it just seems a little too much of a pitch-perfect for the game, given the tone of Spider-Man and his New York home. Cats are the main part of the city’s Bodegas that there is Instagram and Twitter Documentation accounts of their works (which are mainly: Hangouts and beautiful looking). Now if only some NPCs could contact Spider-Cat and declare that “No problem taking a pet like that, ”Things will really be in search of 2020.