‘SNL.’ A somehow VP. Made the debate fly worse

Until the fly – everything was going well.

Following the tragic incident of a sketch of the Trump-Biden debate on “Saturday Night Live” last week, the show was in dire need of correcting its important political satire. We are weeks away from the presidential election, and this stuff is his lifeline.

Well, the Come Come Madi show has mostly fixed things, until they miss the most memorable moment of Wednesday’s vice president’s discussion: the fly.

“SNL.” He mysteriously thought that catching an insect sitting on Mike Pence’s head had a humorous effect, and there was an insane science-fiction story in the 1986 “The Fly” of American HDTV, in which B Biden (Jim Carey) teleported the scene, just a mistake. For mixing its DNA with.

Prior to this bizarre, East Village Performance Art Piece of the S0s, Sketch had made improvements to clinkers since last week. First, they cast Kate McKinnon as the show’s best cast member.

“I’m Susan Page, and I missed the book club for this,” he said happily. McKinnon, as he always does, turned even his non-jokes into fun.

Beck Bennett’s bone-dry pens, the political spin of “Twilight” on Vampire Dad also laughed. His VP said he loves the state of Utah, where the discussion took place with a single reservation. “Still, his basketball team is named after my biggest fear: jazz.”

As Kamala Harris, Maya Rudolph’s best line was when she quickly flipped after being asked about fracking.

He said, “JB Dan will make you very good in Pennsylvania,” and then went to the harsh Philistine. “There is no ban on Biden Farac King! Go Eagles! ”

Then, oh, a deadly fly flew inside.

Carey’s mute began to mute, and the umber fell. “SNL” like Rudolf and McKinnan When placed side by side, and playing a human-fly hybrid, already feeling weak, he performed a bizarre “straight” mask. Biden – Did you know? – Nowadays the supernova of power is not exactly. And, even more bizarre, because there was a push-line push to Jeff Goldblum to play Insect as he starred in “The Fly”, Carrie went to Goldblum’s impression. It was a cop-out that didn’t land.

To add to the lap, Keenan showed another insect played by Thompson. “I reincarnate Herman Cain as a deadly fly,” he said. What?

We had a very good debate sketch going on. The writing and the actors captured the essence of the night, there was no dead air and a few solid jokes. But, “SNL.” As is often the case, they are unnecessarily B.S.

Soon after that disaster, host Bill Bure gave a masterclass on how to synthesize the national moment.

“Did you see Rick Mornis get a sucker-punch on the Upper West Side?” Burroughs spoke of the “ghostbusters” actor’s recent reckless attack. “Baby is back in New York!”