Slow Reagan is ranked 41st in the country for its slow coronavirus vaccine rollout, beating U.S. Is behind the average

Federal Reagon leads 40 more states in slower coverage of coronavirus vaccine shots, federal data shows, with the state’s death toll reaching 1 hit, hit 0 on Sunday, leaving vaccine deployment behind.

Reg Rego has received 48,725 vaccine shots since the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine was approved on December 11. But Oregon has received 190,500 doses, meaning about 141,000 doses are still sitting in boxes as the virus continues to spread and change. The state health official said 1,700 doses were given yesterday and another 1,700 shots were reported from the previous day.

With 4,400 shots a day, it will take until May 2024 to vaccinate all 2.2 million Oregonians.

About 75% of the doses received in Oregon have not yet been delivered, according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday, which is worse than the national average of 67%.

Across the country, as of Saturday, 4.2 million shots had been delivered out of the 13 million doses distributed.

CDC data shows that reg Reagan lags behind some states by a huge margin. Nine states have given them more than half the dose they received. Three of them – Connecticut, North Dakota and South Dakota – have given about two-thirds of the dose they received.

Reg Reagan Health Authority and Gov. Kate Brown did not respond to requests for comment Sunday on what their plans are for the slow pace of months of rollouts.

Federal leaders of the government’s vaccination campaign behind the pace of vaccination operations have said they expect the momentum to accelerate in the coming weeks.

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