Severe storms possible as cold front sets to Kansas

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Meteorologist Jake Dunne says a cold front is moving through Kansas and that it is exiting the hot and humid conditions we maintained over the weekend. Before that happens, however, South-Central Kansas still has one day of heat and humidity to go. Elevations in the mid to upper 90s feel like 100 degrees or higher this afternoon.

The cold front will also help ignite a line of showers and storms this afternoon over central Kansas that will move into the Wichita area this evening. Some of the storms will produce heavy hurricanes, heavy hail and heavy rain.

On the other side of the front, temperatures on Tuesday will be closer to normal, lower 90s, but lower humidity will keep an eye on the heat index. Expectation feels like temperatures are only a degree or two higher than the actual air temperature.

Expect the heat to slowly build up over the rest of the work week on Saturday as temperatures peak in the upper 90s. A strong cold front could lead our way on Saturday night causing storms to the state followed by a much cooler Sunday.


Today: Partly sunny; scattered storms late. Wine: S / SE 10-15; gusty. High: 97.

Evening: Night storms, some heavy, then clear. Wine: SE / E 5-10. Low: 70.

Morning: Cloudy; not so hot. Wine: E / SE 5-15. High: 93.

Morning Night: Cloudy; showers possible. SE / S 5-15. Low: 72.

Wed: High: 94. Low: 73. Sunny early; then partly cloudy.

Thu: High: 93. Low: 72. Storms early; then remove air.

Fri: High: 96. Low: 75. Mostly sunny.

Sat: High: 98. Low: 71. Mash and hot; storms possibly late.

Sun: High: 86. Low: 67. Sunny showers; wipe and much cooler.

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