Senate G.O.P. Has a short-lived victory over the fight against unemployment

Senate Republicans expect the Democrats’ nearly $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bill to be a short-lived victory in the fight for unemployment benefits.

Sen. The same Man ManchinJoseph (J) Manchin Overnight Defense: Capitol Police Can Tell National Guard to Stay Biden’s Pentagon Policy Nominees Will Face Criticism | Progressives relocate to Naval Academy’s midshipman hotels Progressives won’t oppose bill to limit sentinel stimulus to take Covid-19 relief bill More (DW.Va.) voted with all 49 Republican senators – Sen. Dan SullivanDaniel Scott Sullivanh Hill’s Morning Report – presented by the AIDS Institute – pointing a finger at the Capitol riots; GOP on Biden Relief Scheme Balkan Sanders has been awarded the Biden USDA. Nominee Wilsek votes against Senate confirms Wilsek as Secretary of Agriculture (Alaska) Absent due to family crisis – in support of Sen’s proposal. Rob PortmanRobert (Rob) Jones Portmanmandel has been approved for the Club for Growth in the Ohio Senate, primary Rick Scott G.P.P. Caught in the middle of protesting groups, five more takeovers from dramatic capital security hearings (R-Ohio) To provide $ 300 per week for unemployment pay in mid-July.

But before a possible coronavirus deal is passed by Democrats on Saturday, after a delay of about 12 hours, Portman’s amendment is expected to be scrapped and replaced by the deal he announced on Friday night.

Democrats are still awaiting a joint committee on the tax score on Democratic proposal spending, which Sept. 6 will provide $ 300 for weekly payments.

“We expect Senator Portman to introduce his UI amendment and pass it. However, it will be postponed by the Senate Democrats’ new UI agreement, which will be introduced and passed as an amendment tonight,” said a Democratic aide. Said about. .

Although Manchin supported Portman’s reform, he also expected to support the Democratic deal. In addition to the weekly payment, the Democratic Reform first માં 10,200 in unemployment benefits. Homes with an income of up to 150 150,000 will be tax free.

“We have reached a compromise that enables the economy to rebound quickly, while preventing unemployment from hurting those who benefit. [an] “An unexpected tax bill next year,” Manchin said in a statement supporting the Democratic deal.

Democrats effectively held a 12-hour debate on the coronavirus bill on Friday as they tried to form an agreement on unemployment payments that could win over the entire Caucus.

Democrats said early Friday morning that they have a deal to provide a payment of 300 300 per week in early October.

But, as they drag on the day it became clear that they were still trying to quarrel with the Caucus.

Majority leader Charles SchumerChuck Schumerron Johnson forces the 628-page Senate Coronavirus Relief Bill to be read on the floor Senate panel. House set more to run Senate blockade on Democrats’ ambitious agenda (D.N.Y.) argued that once the Senate moved forward at 11 p.m., the Democrats united.

“The agreement that has been reached will allow us to move forward with the American rescue plan,” he said. “Senate Democrats are fully united in our belief in how important this whole bill is to our fellow Americans.”