Seattle Police Show Injury, Damage Suffering From Ongoing Riots

According to the department, about 60 Seattle police officers were injured during weekend clashes with anti-police protesters throwing explosives, which revealed photos and footage of the massacre.

“Officers are recovering from yesterday’s protests where they were hit with explosives, rocks, bottles, and wood,” the department’s public affairs wrote Sunday about Saturday’s riots.

“In all, 59 officers were injured throughout the day and one of them was hospitalized. The injuries ranged from abrasions and bruises to burns and a torn meniscus. “

The post included a sample of photographs showing some of the nasty-looking burns and abrasions sustained by the explosions.

A linked video was also included from the images of four different police cameras, filming throughout the day.

In three of them, small explosives dropped in the midst of the police explode, hitting the officers in the legs.

In the fourth segment, a wooden plank buzzed amid the officers, evidently thrown from a crowd of retreating protesters.

The department’s East Precinct station house, once the focal point of the Capitol Hill “Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) or “Capitol Hill Occupation Protest” (CHOP) since dismantled, also suffered structural damage by a dropped bomb, police said. attack under investigation by the arson fire squad.

In all, 47 protesters were arrested on charges including assault on police officers, obstruction and lack of dispersal, as a riot broke out in the city on Saturday, the department said.

Chaos was not limited to the Emerald City.

A riot was also declared in Portland, Oregon, when thousands of protesters violated federal court, while riots also unfolded in Atlanta, Baltimore, and New York City.

The nationwide protests are reverberations of the death in May of George Floyd, a black man killed when a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck.