Sean Lee feels like the old man but is excited for another year in Dallas

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Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee will turn 34 next month and head to his eleventh season in Dallas. He believes he has something to add in Dallas, like the defense old man.

“You feel like the old man when you realize some of these mid, late 90s birthdays for the guys you’re playing with,” Lee told ESPN. “It keeps you young. But I am as excited as ever and love the game as much as I have. It’s good. It gives you a sense of urgency that you only have so many hits to win a championship. When you get close to the end and you don’t have that championship, you feel it more than ever. ”

Lee says he wishes he could have spent more time with those young teammates this offseason, but the pandemic has made this an offseason like no other.

“That’s the hardest part, not being around the guys and building that bond that you’ve been working on since March until now,” said Lee. “The shared sacrifice of lifting and running together and getting closer and closer with hard work.”

When the training grounds open in a month, Lee and his much younger teammates will be part of that shared work, and Lee will be a good example for young players of how to approach the game if you want a long career.