Scientists have found evidence of several underground lakes on Mars

After inspecting an area of ​​approximately 75,000 square kilometers, they found places that reflected the signs in such a way as to indicate the presence of water trapped under kilometers of ice. The main lake, which was discovered back in 2018, measures around 30 kilometers or 19 miles, while the three smaller lakes around it are every few kilometers.

While the findings of scientists are promising, some experts still believe that we will never find lakes on the red planet. The planetary scientific part of NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Recorder program, Jack Holt, does not believe that there is enough heat flow under the Earth’s surface for water to remain liquid. And even if we get liquid water under Martin ice, it doesn’t automatically mean we’ll find life. See, ponds should be very salty to stay liquid, but their salt content should not be more than five times that of seawater to support life. As John Prescu, an environmental scientist at Montana State University, says Nature:

“The bright pool in Antarctica … doesn’t have a very active life. They are just pickled. And that may be the case [on Mars]”