Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy reacts to 2020 Emmy nomination

Photo: Dan MacMedan / WireImage

No need to ew your brother today: Annie Murphy, who plays a reformed princess of the international party, became head of public relations with a golden heart Schitt’s Creek, He received his first Emmy nomination this morning. Playing Alexis Rose, a frantic and bohemian voice, Murphy caught one of the most prominent featured actresses in a series of comedies for her work on the show’s farewell season, where Alexis, after years of personal and professional growth (and a poignant anguish)) in the small town, she decides to leave to continue growing her business in New York City. Show some respect by demanding that your Google Home play “A Little Bit Alexis” in a loop for the next 90 minutes. La la la la la la la! Read on for our conversation, minutes after Murphy discovered she was a nominee.

How did they alert you to this fantastic news?
I was sitting on the floor eating pancakes, and I had just finished choking on a big piece of bacon. I gathered around my laptop and discovered it that way. The choking of the bacon was actually after the discovery; It was a reactionary gasp.[[[[Laughs.]Everything is so wonderful and exciting. Wow. I think there are mimosas on the horizon. It’s all … a lot. But a wonderful batch.