Ryan Dorsey Slams reports on his relationship with New Riviera’s sister

He also confirmed that 26-year-old Nikayala had recently walked out with him. As RJ describes, “[Josey] Asks me if Titi can stay with us. ‘I want Titi to be with us forever,’ as she is now the closest thing to mom. As a parent trying to build your career and explore this tragedy with your child you need all the help you can get. “

Ryan continued, “And he should get what he wants, what he wants, and what he needs right now, is his family. You know it’s temporary and it’s not permanent. It’s a temporary situation. After all, how can you deny it? “What is it? What do some strangers think or say, or is it based on some vaguely advised, inaccurate-logical, misinformed tabloid? “

In addition, the actor said that he and Naya’s family, especially Nikayala, both appreciate the furry support he has put in with his new normal. He said, “An iron maiden, to keep her blood, her tit, who has prepared to hold her life and sacrifice things, has uprooted her condition for the well-being of your child.”