Russian beautician fights for life after wild dogs tear his face: report

According to a report, the 20-year-old Russian beautician was silenced by a pack of wild dogs, which scratched his face, chopped flesh from his limbs and tore all his clothes in a sub-freezer in eastern Siberia.

East 2 West News reports that Tatiana Loskutnikova was attacked by 10 dogs as she was passing through the city of Ulan-Ude early Wednesday morning.

The seriously injured woman – who suffered severe blood loss – was taken to a nearby building and then moved to the hospital, where she was placed in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator.

His family said his face was “damaged without recognition.”

The head physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital, Dr. “The victim is intensive care after anti-shock therapy,” said Igor Spaak.

“Surgeons, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, otolaryngologists and maxillofacial surgeons are fighting for her life.” “The patient was delivered to us in a very serious condition, suffering from hemorrhagic and painful concussions.”

According to the hospital, only his gaze was on her distorted face.

Loskutnikova had “multiple scars and bite wounds on her face, body and limbs,” Spaak said. “The percentage of damage is very high. His blood pressure is very low. ”

Local resident Alexandra Andrevna, who helped rescue the woman, said she heard screams and screams.

“I got dressed, went to Cross Road to see. There was a backpack lying on the ground, ”he said. “Then I saw a pack of dogs and a man lying on the ground. There were about 10 dogs, maybe more. “

Andrevna said the woman no longer screams.

“She was conscious, but, apparently she couldn’t scream anymore because of the pain,” he said, using a stick to hit mad dogs and bang on the fence to warn others.

“We took him to my house. She was without any clothes, just in boots, ”Andrevan said.

“His body was cut in places for tendons and bones. His face was also bruised, covered with blood. The eyelids opened, ”he added.

Loskutnikova’s brother, Vladislav, posted a message saying he had been attacked on the way to the clinic.

“Ites were deep from the bite, up to the bones, the soft tissues of his face were damaged beyond recognition,” he wrote. “Tanya is a young and promising girl, she’s only 20 years old.”

According to East 2 West News, police have shot 10 dogs, whose remains are being investigated for a possible infection with rabies.