Romney has endorsed moving forward with the Supreme Court’s nomination confirmation process this year

Washington Washington – Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney indicated Tuesday that he supports moving forward with the idea. Supreme Court nominee During an election year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell provides decisive support as he moves to fill a vacancy in the High Court just weeks before election day.

The constitution gives the president the power to nominate and the senate the power to advise and consent to Supreme Court nominees, Romney said in a statement. “Accordingly, I intend to abide by the Constitution and precede the consideration of the presidential nominee. If the nominee reaches the floor of the Senate, I intend to vote on the basis of his qualifications.”

Romney noted that the historical ent ent of the nominations made to the Supreme Court during the election year would not confirm the nominations submitted by the opposition to the Senate, but to confirm his own choice.

He said, “My decision on the nomination of the Supreme Court is not the result of a subjective test of ‘chitya’, which looks like a beauty to the viewer.”

Romney’s support for moving forward with the confirmation process for the late successor Justice Ruth Bader GinsbergThose who died Friday provide McConnell with the necessary support from his party to move quickly to fill the vacated seat. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, just two Republican senators, have said they are opposed to the Supreme Court upholding new justice before the Nov. 3 election. Four Republicans will need a flaw to block the nominee.

Mr. Trump said he plans to announce his nominee to the Supreme Court during a program from the White House on Saturday, although that time has not yet been set.

The president said he is considering five women to replace Ginsberg in the high court, and federal appeals judges Amy Connie Barrett and Barbara Lagoa are believed to be leading the pack. Mr. Trump met with Barrett at the White House on Monday, a source close to the president confirmed to CBS News.