Rogue Legacy 2 release date announced in new game trailer

The roguelike platform game Rogue legacy It made a splash on its launch in 2013, as it allowed players to explore a randomly generated castle, meaning each play would offer different surprises. The game also built a family story, as each new move would put the player in command of a new descendant of the character that had come before.

Its sequel, Rogue Legacy 2, is surprisingly close to launch in early access Cellar Door Games released a first look at gameplay on Tuesday, as well as a release date for the new game – coming July 23 on Windows PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Early Access.

The new trailer, which shows a similar structure, promises that each “child” will be unique, with different abilities to help them through the new dungeons. The new twists include a revamped, hand-drawn art style and different primary weapons for descendants to use. In the original game, everyone used a sword, but this time we see barbarians with axes and archers with bows and arrows. New quirks for ancestors are also in the mix, making each play a little more unique than the original game promised.

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