Returning to the prospective 49ers, Trent Williams: “You’re all barking at the right tree.”

Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers

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Cornwall Richard Sherman has expressed a desire to stay with the San Francisco 49ers knowing that the potential will be incomplete. When it comes to teammate Trent Williams, Sherman believes it will be a different outcome.

Kriman Collinsworth joined Sherman Williams on the podcast and they discussed possible locations for each other with the free agency a week later. Sherman and his partner George Chahro both hinted that they believe Williams will be with 49 people.

“I’ve got San Francisco. I stayed in San Francisco for them to be faithful. “I think he lives in San Francisco. I think he makes you happy for people for another 6- for years and gets his gold jacket and then he decides whether he wants it in Washington or San Francisco. “

Williams did not disagree with his assessment.

“It’s not going to take bad, spread,” Williams replied. “It simply came to our notice then. You are all barking at the real tree. “

Williams traded 49 people from Washington to Washington last year due to a dispute with the organization over health problems and its treatment.

Both Williams and Sherman are preparing as unrestricted free agents.

When it comes to Sherman, Williams named him in the hopes of many AFC teams that he would not have to play against him.

“I can deal with anything until it ends in Seattle. “I don’t want to see him twice a year if I’m in San Francisco,” Williams said.