Resident Evil Producer Celebrates 30th Career Anniversary with Interviews in Franchise and Horror Style

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami details how he came to be involved in the industry, as well as how he created the legendary horror series.

Resident Evil The creator and one of the most influential people in the gaming industry, Shinji Mikami, shares his thoughts on the horror genre and the great franchise inspired by him, as well as how he found it in the industry in the first place.

Apparently we have a friend to thank Mickey for, as he managed to capture Mickey’s interest by using the wrestling ad as a trap. He started his career at Capcom by promoting the reception party at the Hilton Hotel in Osaka with another announcement and ended up meeting Yoshiki Okamoto who will be the best of them later. The interview, which is the first of two episodes, has minutes of October, the second part of which premieres on October 29.

According to the official description: “For the anniversary of his 30th career, we met Shinji Mikami, one of the most famous creators and contributors in the sports industry. In a lengthy interview, he told us about his beginnings at Capcom, which was born Resident Evil Her views on the series and the horror genre. “

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In the meantime we have a videogame front Resident Evil: Village, Which made its debut during the PS5 showcase by Sony. From where to continue REVII Pending Village The players seem to be aiming to be completely different Resident Evil Experience, this time focused on the presence of European forests and mountains and werewolves instead of the traditional zombies in the series.

Meanwhile and thanks for the Capcom TGS 2020 stream Resident Evil Village Guest talk on September 27, we learned that Resident Evil Village Is a crafting mechanic. Comedian and singer Echo Kano played specially Biohzard Village (Japanese title) During the event and declared that enemies come in when defeated Resident Evil Village Don’t leave money in RE4, Also content. Village 2021 comes PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.