Report: Lakers Announces Brand-New Starting Lineup for Game vs. Pelicans

The weakened Los Angeles Lakers will take on the New Orleans Pelicans, LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Their new starting lineup is surprising, as their usual starting center, Mark Gasol, is still unable to play due to the NBA’s Covid-19 being placed in health and safety protocols.

Devonta Kecock is on a two-way deal with both the Lakers and the South Bay Lakers of the G-League. At 6-foot-8, it is lowered in the axis, but weighs 240 pounds.

He has shown some potential as a rebounder and someone who can use his physique to his advantage.

After winning their first four games since the L-Star break, the Lakers have now lost back-to-back games.

After both of his superstars have gone out for an unfamiliar amount of time, the team can move much better into the Western Conference Conference standings and lose the field unless many players step in abusively.