Rep. Max Rose is fighting for his life in a nasty house race

One of the hottest fighting house races in the country feels more like a street fight than a campaign.

He is on duty on Staten Island and in a small sleeve in South Brooklyn, where the Freshman Democratic Rep. Max Rose and G.O.P. State Assemblywoman Nicole Maliotakis is fighting for control of New York City’s Loning Swing Congress district.

The harsh words on your face and the occasional F-bomb featuring ad battles are notable for the level of vitriol and nestness on both sides.

“Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in New York City’s history – that’s the whole ad,” Rose spreads out in six seconds and targets one mayor who is unveiled in the heaviest district in the heaviest district. .

Hostility to progressive NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who briefly ran for president, has taken the central stage in the district – with a large number of first-time contestants and police and law enforcement who largely voted against De Blasio in 2017.

“The failed leadership of Bill de Blasio, he was pushing New York City into the gutter,” Rose said in an interview with NBC News, blasting the mayor’s epidemic management before criticizing state and local governments for putting Republicans against a strong epidemic.

Rose, 33, who was elected in 2018 and is only the second Democrat to represent the district in the last 30 years, is a firefighter who served in Afghanistan. Malliotakis, the only Republican woman to represent New York City, has served in the state legislature since 2010. When he lost the 2017 Unset de Blasio bid, he won about 70 percent of the vote in New York’s 11th congressional district.

Cook’s political report rated the house race as 25 tuss-ups nationally, but there was no independent public vote.

Millions of dollars have been lost. According to the Federal Election Commission, Rose is raising about million 1 million by the end of June, while MallioTakis has raised about million 1 million in September.

As of Monday, candidates and their support groups had spent more than million 9 million on district TV and radio ads, with about 75 percent spent on Rose, according to ad analytics.

Many of these ads have a separate outer-borough, which tastes like your face. Brand Leotakis and groups support its brand Rose as a “radical liberal” and “F — IN Luar” which supports defaming the police (Rose said it is not).

Rose and groups, calling Democrat Malliotakis’ lie a “fraud,” also launched an application to make him a global ambassador for the flip flop. In an interview with NBC News, he called the ads “disgusting and dishonest.”

Rose has called for the promotion of her independent lineage, saying in an ad that she was with President Trump when Democrats attacked him for killing an Iranian terrorist.

“Because when you kill American soldiers, we’ll kill you.”

The Swing District was taken over by then-President Barack Obama in 2012 and by Trump in 2016. Two years later, Rose joined the G.O.P. He defeated incumbent Dan Donovan by about 6 points.

“What we’re talking about, as we talked about in 2018, is how we can drain the swamp and put the government next to the working people,” Rose said. “However the only difference this time is that now as a member of Congress we have brought results.”

Rose said Trump’s “zero relationship” to how well he performed in the district on Nov. 3 is how he would fare against Malliotakis, which he calls a “rubber-stamp” for Republicans.

“It’s not a Trump district, it’s not a Rose district,” he said. “What it is, it’s a patriotic district that is fed up with BS.”

Endorsed by Trump in his 2020 race, Malliotakis said in 2017 that she was saddened to have voted for him – which she said came out of the frustration of being repeatedly asked about her vote. She said she now feels differently, adding that “most of the cabinet she had at the time had not even taken the oath yet.”

“The president has done a great job on behalf of our community.” “He has created millions of jobs, brought our unemployment levels up for minorities, for women on the board to register. And we should also revise trade deals that benefit our country like the USMC. Of course, I support the president. We are the ticket, it’s me. Supports and I support them. “

Meanwhile, the mayor’s office has called Rose de Blasio’s character the worst in New York’s history. Pointing to an office holder Who supported the union.

Progressive strategist and former De Blasio aide Rebecca Katz told NBC News that Max Rose is trying to get Republicans out of Trump Republicans. “It’s delicate to watch, but it’s its drama.”

Republicans call Rose’s anti-de-blasio efforts desperate.

G.O.P. of New York. Strategist Jessica Provade said the announcement was a result of Rose’s “caught between a rock and a hard place on many issues – especially between criminal justice materials.”

Malliotakis, backed by dozens of law enforcement agencies, said the vote for Rose was a vote to keep Democrats in control of the House and that “it is clear that Max tries to distance himself from Max de Blasio. He supports many similar policies.”

Neil Kawatra, a Democratic strategist in New York, said Rose was “cleverly” playing the anti-de blasio spirit, creating a very recognizable anti-de blasio brand as part of who he is, a big asset in a district like his. , Clearly. “

Kawatra said the rose just rip. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.N.Y. By, the young, up-and-coming is joined by New York politicians, adding that Rose reminded him a lot of former New York City mayor Ed Koch.

“It’s very visual and clearly, New Yorkers, especially their politicians, appreciate it,” Quatra said.

This month, Rose read a mention on her Twitter account, which also included a user named Andrew, who said, “Max Rose is a trustee though.”

“F — you, Andrew,” Rose replied.