QuikTrip seeks change amid currency shortages

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A shortage of coins across the country has a local store requesting their change.

Mike Thornbrugh, a spokesman for the QuikTrip Corporation, said his company trades in currencies. Signs are now posted at all QT locations to let customers know that debit or credit is preferred at this time. If you pay cash and need a change, it can come in the form of a QT gift card. If you have an extra change just out there, they’ll take it.

“We are getting old-fashioned with you,” said Thornbrugh. “If you have coins in your piggy bank, your dresser drawer or your car comes in, and we are exchanging, you know, penny for penny. So, we are asking everyone to help us. So we can help you in the short term. “

Thornbrugh said he understands that people don’t normally use credit cards when they go in to make minor purchases. Also, she said the store ends on the losing side.

“Selfishly, the more people use credit cards, the credit card fees we have to pay really add up. So you’re really teaching people in the short term. Change your habits a bit if you can. And hopefully, We’re doing everyone a favor, getting rid of all the leftover coins because we’ll take them, “said Thornbrugh.

QuikTrip is not the only business affected by the shortage. Thornbrugh said that any business that accepts coins or coins will be affected. He said that the president of the federal reserve sent a notice last week informing companies of a possible coin shortage due to the coronavirus and people who do not spend and exchange coins, mints that reduce production and places where they could go to exchange coins. , like banks, closing its doors to visitors