Probable reason why Sasha Banks was chosen to compete for the RAW Women’s Championship

  • Sasha Banks will face RAW champion Asuka at Extreme Rules
  • Sasha Banks and Bayley are two-time champions of the women’s team.


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Sasha Banks

In a surprising turn of events, SmackDown Superstar and half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks has become the new # 1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Despite the fact that Women’s Team Tag Team Champions can appear on all brands, it’s still surprising that a SmackDown Superstar challenges an exclusive RAW Championship.

Sasha Banks vs Asuka

According to WON’s Dave Meltzer, the reason WWE chose Sasha Banks as Asuka’s opponent at Extreme Rules is that Charlotte Flair would be out of action for the next moment.

Banks, a Smackdown fighter, is chasing the Raw title probably because Charlotte Flair is out of action. Flair had two wins over Asuka, but then lost to Asuka on television and made an injury angle.

Meltzer also spoke about Charlotte Flair’s injury and how long he can be out of WWE.

Sasha Banks and Bayley won the Women’s Team Championship by defeating Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, and while both teams are from SmackDown, The Golden Role Models (Bayley and Banks) have made sure to make their presence felt across all three brands. .

Banks had challenged RAW Women’s Champion Asuka for a match at Extreme Rules that The Emperess of Tommorow accepted.

Given that Asuka has already defeated Nia Jax in recent weeks, it’s understandable that WWE wanted to have a new challenger for the Championship and that the RAW Women’s division is currently bleak due to the absence of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, it seems WWE has Had had decided to give fans a stellar coincidence, even if it means breaking the brand’s division rules.

This is how the angle developed in case you missed it (via WON):

Bayley & Banks did a promotion. Banks said Bayley has two straps and that she would like it, too. She scoffed challenging Bayley for the title, but it was a turn and challenged Asuka. It was well done. Asuka came out and said to Banks that “you are not my boss. I accept.” Then they both hit Asuka

Asuka vs Sasha Banks is sure to be a great match even though The Boss Sasha Banks’ chances of winning are bleak.

Posted Jun 27 2020 9:44 PM IST

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