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During the discussion, William started a conversation about the mental health of football fans as part of his Heads Up initiative. Speaking during the podcast, recorded at Kensington Palace before the closing in March, William said: “We all have mental health and we all have to be mentally fit. “

“It is a strength to talk about your mental health, it is not a weakness. You know, if you are not feeling well, something is bothering you, talking about it is not a problem.”

The duke also spoke about his passion for soccer and scoffed at his own defense technique, referring to him as a “fat and fat running down his back, panting.”

He also confessed to playing a prank on one of his soccer opponents, causing a security officer to pretend he was a sniper.

He said, “A long time ago, I got one of my cops to take out a laser pen with them. And I took it to the red mark, red dot to one of the players.

“He kept saying, ‘Look, look what happened to you.’ I was around 15 years old when I said, ‘Look, he’s following you, following you.’

Crouch, a former England striker, asked in disbelief if he intended to have a sniper against him.

William said, “Exactly … postponed it for about 10 minutes.”

The duke also explained how soccer has become more important in his life thanks to his children.

He said: “Since I was a dad, without a doubt, soccer has become much more important to me than it used to be, it is really strange. As if a lot has changed.”

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“That was at the beginning of the courtship, that was, I think that sealed the deal.”

As Mr. Crouch laughed, the Duke added, “It didn’t go well. I honestly have no idea why I bought him a pair of binoculars, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

William also read a series of messages from audience members.

He read one from a man who said he met him, while with RAF friends, when he caught their attention while they were in the toilets during the halftime break at a Blackpool game.

William said, “Well I can’t vouch for myself looking at someone in the bathroom, it sounds really quite awkward, but it was in a Blackpool game on a deer.