Prince William and Prince Charles have come closer when William “has forgiven him for past mistakes,” says expert

Have Prince William and Prince Charles been closer since the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? A royal family expert believes the father and son have formed a closer bond in recent months, with a Father’s Day photo of the two showing that they are very friendly.

Prince William and Prince Charles after the Duke tried and failed to throw a basket to the hoop from a wheelchair during a visit to the Defense Medical Rehabilitation Center (DMRC) in Nottinghamshire
Prince William and Prince Charles | Richard Pohle – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Prince William and Prince Charles seem closer than ever

A recent photo of Prince William and Prince Charles would seem to indicate that the two are very close, as William poses with his arm around his father and Charles rests his head on his son. The image was captured by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and published on William’s Father’s Day / Birthday.

Royal expert Camilla Tominey believes that the father and son began to strengthen their relationship in recent years. “Apparently at odds with the family’s’ Signature ”, Harry and Meghan soon began to feel marginalized when William and Charles worked closely together in an attempt to isolate the monarchy from the crisis that threatened to launch the Sussex into direct competition. the Windsor House, “he wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

“Behind the palace gates, Charles was increasingly involving William in his decision-making, to the chagrin of Harry, who felt driven by his” days away “from the properties of the Duchy of Cornwall,” he added.

Tominey continued: “He was also annoyed by William for what he perceived as ‘range of attraction.’ After all, it was Diana who insisted that they be raised as “equals.”

Tominey shared that the sweet photo is “an even more significant milestone in what has not always been an easy relationship.”

“The warmth that so obviously occurs between father and son seems to signify a break from the ghosts of William’s childhood and any pain he has felt towards his father after witnessing the traumatic consequences of separation from his parents for 10 years. Old “he added.

Did Megxit play a role?

When Prince Harry and Meghan announced their plans to step back from their royal duties, Prince William and Prince Charles met with Harry and the Queen to work out the details. This effort, according to Tominey, was another way to strengthen the relationship between William and Charles.

“The drama that followed pushed William and Charles together as they worked with the Queen to find a solution, just as they had two months earlier, when Prince Andrew was forced to ‘withdraw from public duties for the foreseeable future’ by his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, ”said Tominey.

She added: “Insiders now describe the three generations of monarchy working behind closed doors, and the departure from Sussex is said to have fostered a ‘new found spirit of cooperation’ among the trio of households.”

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Kate also reportedly played a role

Tominey believes that the father and son also got closer when Prince Charles became a grandfather when the Cambridge had children.

Kate’s role should also not be overlooked, according to Tominey. “There is also another important, and often overlooked, factor in the closer bond between William and Charles: Kate, the woman who has tamed a stubborn prince, once so at odds with her father,” he noted.

Tominey continued: “Now a father of three in his thirties, with Charles willingly playing the role of loving grandfather, there is a feeling that William has not only forgiven him for past mistakes, but has also awakened in fact, his father has had as positive an influence as Diana, the late Princess of Wales. “