Prime Day 2020 Networking Deals: for 279 in ero 6 3-piece system, save $ 24 on Netgear router and more

This is part of the story Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to what you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Runs through the end of Wednesday, and you’ll find big deals in the wireless networking category with big names including Netgear and Ero when you shop. It includes deals on brand-new routers that offer the fastest, fastest support Wi-Fi 6 Speed, Gaming routers Designed to lower your leg and Mesh routers Which promises to fill your home with a quick, reliable connection to every room.

Marquee offers fur for every new mesh router systems from Amazon, Arrow 6 and Arrow Pro 6. As the name suggests, both systems are fully supported Wi-Fi 6, And each includes things like connecting the built-in Zigby Hub Smart locks And Smart lights On your home network. No system is on ship until early November, but you can pre-order them right now – and in each case, as an early Prime Day deal, Amazon will throw out some free devices to give the pot a dessert.

At any rate, let’s move on to the full list of deals, which I will update regularly with items in and out of stock.

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Deals live now


The price for a three-piece Ero6 system with a router and two range-extended satellite devices is 27 9279. That system won’t hit stores until early November, but if you’re ready to pre-order, you can currently bundle it with a free Echo Dot and two free Philips Hue bulbs. Total cost: still 279d, lr, which is a hack of the deal.

Thanks to that new Zigby Hub of the Ero Router, you’ll be able to connect that Hue Bulb directly to your home network, and with Alexa, where it comes with the free Echo Dot. From there, you’ll be able to turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness and color temperature, or trigger your favorite smart lighting scenes to Amazon’s assistant with a quick voice command.

A few things to keep in mind. First, while this deal gives you a new, Wi-Fi 6 version of the Ero’s mesh router, it won’t get you the latest Echo Dot with its new rounded design. Instead, you’ll find a pre-2018, absurd-shaped model. There is no big deal.

Second, there are two Hue Bulbs Hue White Ambience LEDs. That means they can change the color temperature over the white light spectrum, with warm, more blue-white daylight tones with a yellow, candle-like glow. They can’t change colors on the RGB spectrum, though – so greens, blues, pinks, purples, reds or anything like that. It’s a bit of a bumper, but at least the new Ero routers make it so if you’re going to control them via the Alexa app, you don’t need the Hugh Bridge. Take our ero 6 read first.


In the meantime, if you upgrade to the Fancier Aero Pro 6 system, which came out in November instead, you can currently find the Fire 599 along with three packs from a free Fire TV cube, which usually sells for $ 120 on its own. . It can hit top speeds faster than the regular Arrow 6 listed above on the router, and the Tribune design has an additional 5GHz band that you can dedicate to system transmission between the router and the extenders. As our tests often show, it’s the best approach for fast, high-end mesh networking. Adding a free fire TV to the cube also helps reduce the bite of a high asking spirit. Take our ero 6 read first.

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Want a three-piece mesh router, but don’t think it’s worth spending hundreds for a fancy, tribal and Wi-Fi 6 system? Consider last year’s version of the Ero, as the 3-pack is on sale for 75 dollars off during Prime Day. Like I said, there’s no support for Wi-Fi 6 (and free Philips Hue bulbs or echo speakers), but it’s still a fully capable system for people with speeds below 500 Mbps. A well-tested mesh router with two extenders for nothing less than an Extend 200 is a steal. Read our Ero (2019) review.


See, don’t ask me to pronounce it, but ZeeTud’s AX3000 PCI card can bring full-speed Wi-Fi 6 support to your laptop, and it’s available in 25D for prime day, which is as cheap as cards like this. With support for 160 MHz channels and a top speed of 2,400 Mbps over the 5 GHz band, it will make the task of incoming easier and help make your laptop faster with the latest and fastest routers on the market.

For compatibility, you’ll need a PC running a 64-bit Windows 10 or a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, as well as an F_USB connector on your motherboard. According to the list, it will work with both Intel and AMD processors, as well as PCI-E X1, X4, X8 and X16 slots.


Okay, so we’re talking about a $ 7 discount here, but still, it brings the price of a practical dual-band router to just $ 28. With a top 5GHz speed of around M00 Mbps, it’s not fast enough for gigabyte connections, but TP-Link hardware performs reliably in our tests, and sprinkles easy controls setup in the Tether app for Android and iOS devices. If you need something cheap to handle until you’re ready for a big upgrade to Wi-Fi 6, this should be done.

Want a little more ointment? The Archer A7, which delivers top speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps on the 5GHz band and supports Alexa and voice controls, sells for ડ 52 today.


If you want a budget router that looks a little more practical than the previous budget pick, consider spending for the D-Link DIR-1360-US, marked below $ 50 for Prime Day. I haven’t tested this particular model, but other D-Link routers in the same family like the excellent DIR-867 have impressed me with faster speeds that are faster and more reliable than you’d expect for the price. At $ 48, this seems like a strong value pick, and it also supports MU-Mimo connections and Alexa and Google Assistant voice support.

Want more speed? You have more options. The first is the DIR-1960-US, which can hit speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps. The price of asking for Prime 30 Prime Day Discount brings down to 70 dollars. You can also save $ 35 on the gaming-focused DIR-2660-US, which increases the speed limit by 5 GHz to 1.7 Gbps – down from 84 for Prime Day.


Meanwhile, this AC 1600 router from Netgear is marked down 56 for Prime Day, which saves you 24. With a top speed of 1.3 Gbps on the 5GHz band, it’s even faster than some other budget picks on sale today. If you are paying for gigabytes of internet and you want a simple router that is capable of hitting that top speed, he can choose the right one.


The AX6000 version of Netgear’s popular Orby Mesh router supports the Tribune design with two 5GHz bands, as well as full support for Wi-Fi 6. It’s one of the fastest and most impressive mesh routers I’ve tested, and it doesn’t come cheap, with the two-piece system usually selling for $ 700. Now, for Prime Day, you can get one Three parts A system with a router and two satellite devices at the same price will save you 300. It will cover up to 7,500 square feet with fast, reliable connectivity. Read our Netgir bi rbi AX 6000 review.


If you want to upgrade to a 3.4GHz band, 5GHz band, and a rooted router The second 5GHz band, then this prime day offer for Netgear Nighthawk X6S will probably be on your partner. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6, but it’s as powerful as Wi-Fi 5 routers, and capable of hitting gigabytes of speed at 5GHz bands. At a selling price of $ 180, you’re saving 100.

Deals I’d ignore

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It doesn’t support the latest Wi-Fi 6 speeds, but nonetheless, Asus has a very strong record in our gaming router tests – and this model, the GT-AC 5300, is a stimulus in the Wi-Fi 5 crop, at least as far as specs are concerned. . With eight antennas in a sleek array, the routers have as much show-off fees as you get, and the Tribend design lets you dedicate your 5 priority banding to your priority gaming traffic while leaving your 5 GHz band free for your standard network traffic.

At a prime day price of 24 5,245, it’s available for less than સામાન્ય 100 more than the usual list price, but here’s the thing: The last time a large batch of gaming routers was tested, I included a Wi-Fi 6 version of this router. In the mix – and he could not win. Instead the top spot went to the less expensive, dual-band Asus RT-AC86U – and Asus just released a follow-up of that router with Wi-Fi 6. support. That new model, the RT-AX86U, costs $ 250 – just ડો 5 more than this offer – and it felt very impressive in our initial speed tests, especially when it comes to managing latency. If I were in the market for a new gaming router, I would drop this offer and buy it at full price instead. Read our Asus RT-AX86U first.

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It’s not a prime day deal per se, but Google has recently slashed the price of its original Mesh Wi-Fi system, bringing the price of Google’s Wi-Fi down to ડ 200. That’s a decent price for this well-reviewed system, but I’d like to see it in low sales as it’s about four years old at the moment. There’s also a good chance we’ll see Black Friday sales on the new, faster Nest WiFi, which just started last year. If you’re in the market for Google’s Mesh Router, this is probably the best deal to look forward to.

It’s also possible that Google might launch a new, Wi-Fi 6 version of WiFi at the last minute before the holiday shopping season begins, but I don’t think it’s possible that Google’s newest Pixel phones, Nest speakers and Chromecast streamers will all Left Wi-Fi 6 together. Still, I think you’ll find better deals at this time of year. Read more on CNET.