Predictions, rumors, leaks, announcements and anniversary

July is a great month for PlayStation Plus and its free games. It is the tenth anniversary of the service, which puts some pressure on a show that already had a great 2020. This month, Sony came out with STar Wars Battlefront 2 and Call of Duty: WW2And if you want to make an impression beyond that already strong offer, you may want to bring great weapons to the table. People are already speculating about what will be on offer, and the anniversary is raising already high expectations. In a general sense, the growing spectrum of the PS5 also encourages Sony to be more generous as it hopes to generate enthusiasm for the upcoming console and general enthusiasm for its first-party offerings.

Usually these games are announced on the last Wednesday of the month, but things are a little different here in July. The month starts on a Wednesday, so we currently expect the games to be announced on July 1 and released on July 7 – the company may still announce them later this week or early next, but definitely not. I announced them on June 24. I haven’t seen any leaks so far, compelling or otherwise, but check to see if any appear before the announcement.

For starters, I wouldn’t expect to see Horizon: Zero Dawn or Spiderman anytime. These are frequently requested, but the recent announcement of Horizon: Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS5 it means that Sony would be much more likely to implement those games closer to their sequels. That’s just a hunch: on the other side of the coin, Zero Dawn It would definitely be big enough to commemorate the anniversary.

In the same line of thought there would be Crash Bandicoot: Nsane TrilogyHowever, what I would say is a possibility this month. Activision just announced Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s about time, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony roll out Nsane trilogy as a way to familiarize younger gamers with a franchise that became popular in the PS1 era. However, the new game won’t be available until October, so we could still see it later.

We could also see Gran Turismo Sport, another title from the current generation that could be used to generate advertising for the next generation. Sony announced Gran Turismo 7 at the PS5 reveal event.

I’ve also seen some people talking about Dark Souls Remastered, which would naturally be linked to the recent announcement of Remastered Demon Souls. This comes down to a kind of sweet spot that feels like a comfortable PS + offering: well-known, hugely popular, perhaps not a money-making giant right now; You could also swap other Dark Souls games there. The same goes for No Man’s Sky, a unique PlayStation exclusive that bounced back from a grim launch to become one of the biggest comeback stories in the business, living up to Rainbow Six: Siege.

But really, things are wide open. This month, the tenth anniversary raises the possibility of a great first part, which would probably be God of War if Sony decided to go that route. We’ll see.