Police respond to shooting inside Crabtree Valley Mall :: WRAL.com

– Several shots were fired inside the Crabtree Valley Mall on Glenwood Avenue on Thursday night.

The shooting happened on the first floor near the exit, officials said. No injuries were reported until 10 p.m.

Several police cars and an ambulance arrived at the scene when the shooting was reported. At the moment, there are no active shooters inside the mall, officials said.

Police said they believe the two people involved in the shooting know each other.

Most of the mall has been evacuated and is closed for the night.

RYRL viewers in the mall said they were listening to shots while shopping inside. When they hid listening to the shots. Some people hid in store closets to stay safe.

Police are currently reviewing the video footage which is exactly what happened.

Amanda Johnson, who was present at the food court at the time, said a woman approached her while she was eating and said her shots were fired from inside the mall.

Jones said she and her friend were leaving, officers dragged and ran inside the mall.

“My first thought was – at my kids’ house, we were trying to do Christmas shopping at the last minute.”