Police in Georgia are investigating a viral video in which officer taser shows a Black woman

A Georgia police department is further investigating a no-viral altercation in which a white officer tapped a Black woman.

On Tuesday, a Gwinnett County police officer responded to a complaint of damage to property. When he arrived on the scene, the woman who had the complaint called said that a few people had thrown a bottle at her car. She also told the officer that one of the men threatened to abuse her and her nine-year-old child, according to a statement about the arrest on the province’s website.

The woman directed the officer to the house, where she believed the people who threw the bottle remained.

The officer approached the house and tried to talk to a woman who was on the porch – identified by police as Kyndesia Smith – but Smith started yelling at him, according to the statement.

He apparently told Smith she would be placed under arrest if she did not let him do his job.

The statement said that after “several warnings” the officer informed Smith that she was under arrest. Smith, however, apparently did not object to her standing in handcuffs, and asked the officer to warn her that she would be bagged if they did not cooperate. Smith remained uncooperative, the county said, leading the officer to handcuff her and handcuff her.

The Associated Press reported that Smith is accused of false obstruction and simple battery against a police officer, although she was released Wednesday after placing tape.

“The police department takes all use of violence seriously,” the Gwinnett County police department said in a release. “All use of cases of violence is administratively controlled through the chain of command. An investigation into this incident is being conducted. The officer has been placed in an administrative role pending the outcome of the internal investigation.”

Use of force by the state’s legislation has been under a microscope all summer after George Floyd, a Black man, was assassinated in May by a white Minneapolis police officer.