Pokemon Isle of Armor: How to get the newly added Pokemon without buying DLC

The first Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, The Isle of Armor, is out now. The DLC arrives alongside a new update, which features a variety of new and returning Pokémon to the Galar region. These monsters can only be trapped in the new Armor Isle area, but you don’t need to have the expansion to add them to your collection.

You can get the newly added Pokémon in a couple of different ways, even if you haven’t purchased the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. If you’re looking to get the monsters, we’ve broken down all the ways you can get the newly added Pokemon without having the Isle of Armor DLC below.

Pokemon Home Transfer

If you’ve caught any of the newly reintroduced Pokemon from previous games, you can transfer them to Sword or Shield through Pokemon Home. Recently added Pokemon Gen 1 like Scyther and Kangaskhan can be brought from Let’s Go, Pikachu, or Let’s Go, Eevee if you have a copy of any of the titles, but any monster from later generations will have to be transferred from Pokemon Bank in the 3DS. However, that can be a complicated process, so be sure to check out our guide on how to transfer Pokemon from the Bank and other games.


While newly reintroduced Pokémon can only be caught in the wild in the new area of ​​Armor Island, you can still receive them in exchanges. You can trade with other players within Sword and Shield, but your best option to get the new monsters is GTS from Pokemon Home. The GTS is a practical way to trade for a particular Pokémon. Leave a monster in the service and specify which Pokémon you want in return, and the trade will automatically complete when another player accepts the offer.

Join other players’ raids

If you see a player hosting a Max Raid with one of the newly reintroduced Pokémon, you can join the battle and potentially catch him. If your team is capable of defeating the Pokémon Dynamaxed, everyone who participated in the Raid will have a chance to capture the monster, even if they don’t own the Isle of Armor DLC. However, you must have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to join the raids online.

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