Pence’s field bus involved in minor accident

Vice President Mike Pence’s field bus was involved in a minor accident Thursday morning while driving to a “Police for Trump” event in Pennsylvania.

Pence, who was uninjured, moved from the field bus to a limousine for the rest of the trip, but minutes later, according to reports from the pool, two motorcycles accompanying Pence’s caravan also had an accident.

About a 10-minute drive from Allegheny Airport, on the way to Greenburg, where the event was taking place, the field bus had what the vice president’s office described as a “minor defense bender.” Pool reporters covering the vice president said the accident occurred on a road with a sharp curve.

After the bus accident, in White Oak, Pennsylvania, two motorcycle escorts for the vice president’s camper were involved in a second accident, also described as minor. Pool’s reports say the vice president left his car to speak to one of the police escorts and an ambulance was present at the scene.

For the second time this month, Pence is campaigning in Pennsylvania, a state president that Trump won by 44,000 votes in 2016. The Trump campaign is confident of winning the state again in November.

Last week, in a call to reporters, campaign manager Bill Stepien noted that Pennsylvania “has had a Republican bias in presidential cycles for the past decade,” adding that the number of Republican voters has increased since 2017, while the registration of Democratic voters in the state has declined.

Stepien, who recently took over as campaign manager, predicted that President Trump would be reelected if any of the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Michigan won, provided he is also victorious in every other state he won in 2016. Trump won the three of those states four years ago.

Thursday’s event, focused on juxtaposing administration support to law enforcement against accusations that alleged Democratic candidate Joe Biden would remove the police. Biden, however, has said he does not support the police outlay.

The Greensburg crowd scoffed loudly today when Pence said “the top Democratic Party politicians today compare law enforcement officers to stormtroopers.” He added: “Law enforcement is not the problem. Law enforcement is the solution.”

Pence thanked police officers and promised that the Trump administration “would support the situation with more resources and more support.” He told the audience to remember that law, order, and the safety of American families are at stake when Democrats call for the removal of the police, adding that communities should not have to choose between supporting the police and African-Americans. .

“The truth is, he won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” Pence said. “Joe Biden would duplicate policies that lead to violence on the streets of America’s cities,” he added.