Pence asks judge to kill lawsuits pressuring him to interfere with election results

Vice President Mike Pence, Rep. Louis Gohmarts (R-TX) does not want to let him have anything to do with the last ditch bid to give him the power to overturn the 2020 election results. In a legal filing Thursday, Pence argued that Congress should be targeted instead of the congressional lawsuit filed against the vice president with other Republicans. “The guardians presented this court with an emergency proposal, which raised serious questions about how to count the votes for the presidency,” Pence’s filing said. “But this plaintiff’s claim is not the right vehicle to draw attention to these issues because the plaintiff has made a false defendant’s claim.” “It is a legal contradiction to run a lawsuit filed against the vice president to establish that the vice president has discretion over the count.” Gohmert claims that the law prescribing the 100-year-old Elect Oral Ralph College Ledge procedure is unconstitutional, and that Pence should be able to determine which electoral vote to count.

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