Peacock’s streaming service is coming to Android TV and Chromecast

NBC previously announced that Peacock will be available on Apple devices and Microsoft Xbox devices. It makes sense that NBC also wants to bring Peacock to Android and Chromecast devices.

“Given the broad reach of Google’s customers, millions of people will be able to start streaming Peacock on their preferred platform or device this July,” Peacock President Maggie McLean Suniewick said in a statement. “We have made Peacock free for our distribution partners, including Google, because we want people everywhere to stream Peacock.”

The platform will soon be the exclusive home of streaming The office and Parks and Rec., and will host the now postponed Tokyo Olympics. Its full line-up includes a mix of NBC’s universal empire shows, new original content, and selected movies ranging from the Despicable Me franchises to Pregnant. All of this means that there is another TV streaming service that consumers will have to consider.