Passengers send C-Nola to San Diego as part of the 7-player trade

SEATTLE (AP) – Seattle and San Diego completed a seven-player trade on Sunday night, with catcher Austin Nola joining the competitive peddlers and Outfield prospect Taylor Tram Mall Rinners as the centerpiece of the deal.

Seattle sent Pedres to Nola and right-hand relief Austin Stein Ad Dums and Dan Altavilla, while Trammel led the list of youngsters back to the Mariners. Going to Seattle are infielder Tie France, catcher Louis Torres and relief Andres Munoz.

Nola has the versatility to play multiple positions. He played first, second and third base and two corner outfield positions for Seattle last season. This season, Nola has started 23 games behind the plate and two games on the first base.

Nola is hitting .306 with five home runs and 19 RBIs in 29 games, and his defense behind the plate has been praised by Seattle manager Scott Servois, while Nola came in as a midfielder through the minor. He is the older brother of Phyllis S. Aaron Nola.

Altivilla has been part of Seattle’s bullpen since 2016, but has only been involved in more than 22 games at one time. This season, Altavilla is 1-2 with a 7.71 ERA in 13 appearances.

Adams hasn’t entered this season since his ACL is still improving after being torn last September. Adams attended the early stages of summer camp in Seattle, but the team admitted he was pushed too early and wanted to wait until he was fully recovered.

Trammel has been ranked as the No. 4 prospect in the Pedres outfit, while Munoz – who was thought to be close to San Diego in the future before Tommy John underwent surgery in March – entered the Major last season.

“We are excited to add four talented players to the Mariners’ organization, all of whom are playing in their seasons of age 25 or older,” Seattle general manager Jerry Depot said in a statement. ”

That’s a huge gap for Seattle and will add another piece to the future group of outfielders that could help the Mariners end their playoff drought. Trammel joins a group that includes current center fielder Kyle Lewis and top prospects Jared Callenick and Julio Rodriguez, all of whom should be in the Major in the next two years.

Trammel was traded from Cincinnati to San Diego over the last period.

Munoz appeared in 22 games for Pedres last season and was regularly over 100 miles from his fastball ball. He has a 3.91 ERA in 22 appearances.

France have appeared in 20 games for Pedres this season and are hitting .309 with two home ten and 10 RBI and can play both corner yield positions.

Later, Pedres acquired right-hand caterer Jason Castro from Los Angeles for right-hander Gerado Reyes.

Castro will become a free agent this winter after agreeing to a 6. 85.685 million, one-year deal with the Angels in January. The 33-year-old batsman has Los Angeles in his 18 games with two homers and six RBIs in 192, but the long-time Astros and Twins backstop has been a strong defensive catcher and generally solid hitter who has scored at least 10 homers in six seasons. Of his career.

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