Passengers of American Airlines got into a scuffle over who is the first to complain

Two women boarded a massive video over the weekend on an American Airlines flight.

Passenger Anne Victoria Risso captured the fight, which erupted when Los Angeles Flight 2275 landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport around 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

“Fight broke out as the plane was coming out. He did not get off the plane until about 7:00 a.m. due to a fight, “she wrote on Instagram, where she posted footage of the fighters, adding that she had caught her spell flight at the last second.

Another passenger also shot footage of Franca – as the flight attendant was heard booming, “Call for law enforcement! Call for law enforcement! “

“I almost missed my connecting flight with American Air in Phoenix because the two girls decided to fight over who was getting on the first plane. I can’t, ”Flyer said Wrote in a tweet.

Riso told the Republic of Arizona that the women involved also had misunderstandings about handing out seats before the flight departed.

The still image in the flight of American Airlines shows a fight
The still image in the flight of American Airlines shows a fight.

Airline spokesman Derek Wallace told The Post in an e-mail that the company “received reports of an alleged boycott between two customers while waiting for Flight 2275 from Los Angeles (LALX) to Phoenix (PHX).”

He did not give any additional details about the incident.

No injuries were reported among the passengers or crew members.