Outriders will permanently target players who cheat

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Outriders Releases in less than a week and be warned if you are thinking of cheating: you will be known as a dirty cheater forever and will not be able to play with the players as per the rules through matchmaking.

In a pre-release blog post on Steam, Outriders Developer people can fly a bunch of information about things like pre-loading, post-launch support, changes to the game since the demo. And more. One section was dedicated to cheaters. And it looks like People’s Fly is serious about cheats. The interesting thing about this is that Outriders Strictly cooperative and stand alone shoot online shooter. There is no PVP or competitive aspect to the game.

According to Davis, only 0.01% of demo players cheated. But to be clear, the studio sees you all. You all. He also sings out a cheater who gave himself up 600 Legendary weapons obtained unscathed. It’s impressive! (If you are reading this, contact me, I have questions.)

If you decide to cheat, you will not be banned, but you will be punished in some other way. For starters, cheaters will be kept separate from legitimate players when making matches. Warning People may fly This will probably lead to longer waiting times. A small, discreet but easy-going place Icon will be added to your HUD. So if you say, a popular streamer, everyone cheats you should.

Even the gods consider them deceptive. Here is the list:

  • Intentionally play the game on PC without Easy Anti Cheat (EAC)
  • Edit game files to enhance character: level, skills, inventory, etc.
  • Externally modify game time to minimize time-based features such as vendors and challenges
  • To use the trainer program or to gain benefits in the same game
  • Using gameplay modifier programs such as embosss or wall laxes.

If you cheat during the demo, people can fly giving you a chance to repent and wash away your sins. Before starting the full game, which will bring players their demo characters and gear, you will need to delete all the characters and items on your full account. Thorough cleaning. Do that and your account will not be called a cheater.

People Fly can also clarify tHat Farming for robbery is not fraud. So feel free to go out in search of the Outlaws Cave –Equivalent. And obviously, cheating won’t stop you. So if you just want to play solo or with a friend who also does cheats, you can still do it. You will be branded a cheater, but you probably won’t care anyway!

Outreaders Is set to Launch On April 1 (deep breath) for PS5, PS4, Xbox series X / S, Xbox One and PC. It will be available The first forest on Xbox Game Pass.

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