OnePlus Z / Nord will arrive next month, confirms the company

A look at the supposed OnePlus 8 Lite.

  • OnePlus has confirmed the launch timeline for OnePlus Z / Nord.
  • The company revealed the launch month in morse code.
  • There’s no date set yet, but the phone will be released in a few weeks.

We’ve waited a long time for OnePlus to finally announce the OnePlus Z release date. It was March when the first rumors began to float about the OnePlus 8 Lite. Soon forecasters suggested the phone will be called OnePlus Z and now some believe it will be called OnePlus Nord. Whatever the new phone’s nickname, OnePlus has now confirmed that it will arrive in July.

In its new Instagram account OnePlusLiteZThing, the company posted a preview in morse code (see image below). The decoding reveals the word “July”, but confirms that OnePlus Z / OnePlus Nord will launch next month.

OnePlus Z Teaser release date

A leak previously revealed that the affordable OnePlus phone will launch in India on July 10. OnePlus has already confirmed that the device will debut in India and Europe, making a July 10 release seem quite credible.

It seems OnePlus will reveal more information about the phone launch through the subsequent code-breaking challenges on Instagram. This was called “Break Code # 1”, so we hope that more of these will follow.

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It will be interesting to see how the company handles sales of the new phone and whether it can meet demand. Considering that it will be a mid-range phone, the interest in it could be quite high. But OnePlus is already having trouble getting the OnePlus 8 series in people’s hands. Flagships are still difficult to buy in markets like India due to the company’s flash sales model. We hope that the company has prepared enough stocks of OnePlus Z / Nord before committing to the release date.

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