OnePlus confirms ‘affordable’ smartphone line, mocking possible names and startup window

TO UPDATE: The over-the-top machine is in overdrive just hours after Pete Lau’s enigmatic teaser and the vague announcement of an impending “affordable smartphone product line,” with a special Instagram page created to generate more excitement around the “OnePlus Lite Z Thing”.
That name is obviously Probably a joke, poking fun at all the speculation from the past few months, though we wouldn’t let go of the company to take humor to the next level and make that hilarious nickname official in July.

Still, you may want to keep an eye on your Instagram feed in the next two weeks, as the company undoubtedly plans to gradually reveal almost everything there is to know about the long-awaited mid-range before its full announcement. Our original story follows below.


Following tradition, OnePlus unveiled its latest high-end phones a couple of months ago, but before spending the money on the unusually expensive 5G enabled 8 or 8 Pro, die-hard fans of the company should know that their next release will not be presumably expensive 8T and 8T Pro in September or October.

Instead, the “never settling” brand is preparing a “new beginning” that has been circulating the rumor for more than six months. Initially named OnePlus 8 Lite, the company’s first mid-range device since the failed 2015 OnePlus X got a different name in March, which might not be the final marketing nickname either.
Unfortunately, CEO Pete Lau chose to dance around the brand theme in an official forum thread confirming the “new, more affordable smartphone product line” that’s brewing as we speak. Lau did not disclose anything material about the specs, features, possible release date, or the actual pricing structure of the rumors. Nord by OnePlus doesn’t either, although it’s definitely interesting (and a bit disappointing) to hear that the company founded in 2013 plans to “start relatively small with this new product line.”

That means the 5G OnePlus Nord, aka OnePlus Z, aka OnePlus 8 Lite, will debut first in Europe and India, which makes sense. After all, those are the brand’s strongest markets, and following the OnePlus 8 Pro, US release The last thing we want to see is another phone that no one can buy.

Still, Pete Lau’s reassuring words regarding possible availability in the US USA They’re not … very reassuring, suggesting that this particular phone will never officially make it to North America. Instead, you may have to expect a different “affordable” device in the “near future”.

It would be a great shame given that the CEO’s vague announcement seems to coincide with speculation of a rather dreamy list of features and a practically unbeatable price of between $ 300 and $ 400.

OnePlus is planning to bring the “premium and iconic experience” you expect from the company’s high-end products to this affordable new lineup, which could include everything from a Snapdragon 765 processor with built-in 5G support to a grand total of four oriented cameras. Backward, at least 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage space, a large 4,000 mAh battery with fast charging capabilities, and a 6.4-inch flat OLED display with a modern stylus and a smooth 90Hz refresh rate.