OHSAA suspends school-to-school criticism in contact sports

“Our conversations with the Governor’s Office are clear,” said Goldring. “If we want our student-athletes to learn life-long lessons and receive the social, emotional, and physical benefits of the privilege of participating in education-based interscholastic athletics programs, we must all be responsible for meeting all mandates and requirements. By failing to follow the mandates and requirements, we are putting our student athletes at risk not only of contracting and / or spreading COVID-19 but also of missing the season for themselves, their families, their teammates, their schools, and their communities. . The mandates and requirements established must be met for the Governor’s Office to continue allowing us to participate.

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To that end, OHSAA is working to finalize the competition day mandates and requirements that must be strictly adhered to, and our administrators, coaches, and student-athletes will be held accountable for non-compliance. In order not to cause alarm, these mandates and requirements will elevate many of the recommendations provided in the OHSAA Return to Game Recommendations document to the level of mandates and requirements and should not require general modifications to your game day protocol. “