NY, NJ and Conn. Coronavirus travel quarantine for critical states to begin

In recent days, Texas has seen record levels of hospitalizations for Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Local hospitals, particularly in Houston, have struggled to keep up with the growing number of patients who need intensive care. “There is a massive Covid-19 outbreak across the state of Texas,” Governor Greg Abbott said in a television interview on Wednesday.

Amid growing hospitalizations in North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper said Wednesday that the state would “pause” its passage to the next phase of reopening and make required statewide masks in public when it is not possible to distance themselves.

In Florida, more than 20,000 people tested positive for the virus in the last five days ending Tuesday; In New York, where many more people are tested daily, about 3,100 tested positive during the same five days.

Only a handful of states, including Maine, Rhode Island, and Hawaii, have required travelers from other states to be quarantined. A large number have asked travelers to quarantine, but do not order to do so. And some, like Florida and Kansas, apply the requirement only to those who come from certain states.

The new quarantine in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut would apply to anyone arriving from a state with a positive test rate greater than 10 per 100,000 residents, or a state with a rate of 10 percent or more on a moving average. seven days.

Cuomo said law enforcement will depend on each of the three states. In New York, he said, violators of the quarantine order could be “subject to a court order and mandatory quarantine.” A first violation could result in a $ 2,000 fine and could go up to $ 10,000 for subsequent violations.

In fact, the effect of order can be largely symbolic. Even in places where out-of-state arrivals are already formally required to quarantine, there has not been widespread application to ensure rules are followed.