“Not something to laugh about” – Dr. Lack of respect in the mixer

Dr. Disrespect has recently commented against the jokes about the Mixer shutdown. Microsoft recently decided to shut down its Mixer streaming platform and partnered with Facebook Gaming. The company made this move to get a platform big enough to launch its streaming service, xCloud.

Facebook Gaming certainly has a larger viewer base and reach than Mixer. In the entire time Mixer existed, its own community of partner streamers had grown, and Facebook Gaming has promised to respect that partner’s status if they want to make the transition.

Recently, Ninja and Shroud have been in the news because of the huge amount of money they received from Mixer after they chose not to join Facebook Gaming as a partner streamer. Let’s face it, not all of the associated streamers in Mixer were as big as these two names.

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This conversation has been going around for a while now what will happen to the smaller streamers in Mixer? These streamers had built their own community and viewer base in Mixer and are now gone. It is very doubtful that they can rebuild that on a new platform. Some of these streamers were up and running when they heard this news.

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Dr. Lack of respect comments on the whole situation of the mixer

Doc commented on this whole situation showing solidarity towards the little streamers. He showed solidarity towards the smallest streamers. This is a surprise since he himself had made some jokes about Mixer’s shutdown situation. Here is an example:

During a broadcast, a fan asked Dr. Disrespect about his views on this situation. He responded by saying: “It’s definitely not something to laugh about.”

As for Microsoft making the deal with Facebook Gaming, the document only has one question to ask: “Why?”

“It’s interesting. It’s interesting that Facebook bought Mixer. Why?

He also comments on whether Ninja and Shroud will return to Twitch.

“I’m sure they will … I don’t know all the details, the legality of them with the state contracts and so on … Being put in a position where they can go wherever they want.” They took him out of the park. “

How will all this turn out?

Honestly, there is no way to know now. Mixer streamers will now have to try their luck on Twitch or transition to Facebook Gaming, where there is a good chance that they will get lost in the sea of ​​streamers trying to succeed. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that the enormous scope offered by these two platforms could be advantageous. It is difficult to know at this time.

What do you think of Dr. Disrespect’s comment?