Nintendo Switch Gets Creepy ’90s-Style Horror Game

Developer Casper Croes has revealed that his survival horror meets the action-adventure game, Alisa, which is described as a throwback to the golden age of 3D horror games, is coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The news comes on the back of the game’s entire Kickstarter, and more specifically, on the back of the game, not just raising funds, but reaching some springy goals in the process.

According to Casper Croes, Alisa is a classic horror game from the late 90s set in a fictional and fantasy universe inspired by the 1920s. In it, you play as Alisa, an elite royal agent chasing a wanted criminal, which ultimately leads her to a haunted dollhouse.

Below, you can read more about the game, as well as see an official trailer:

Alisa is a classic horror-themed action-adventure game from the late 1990s set in a fantasy universe inspired by the 1920s, “reads an official speech from the game.” You play as an elite royal agent named Alisa. While chasing a wanted criminal, he ends up in an old Victorian mansion. She tries to find a way out while being chased by materialized and mechanized humanoids like dolls. Can you survive the dollhouse?

In addition to Nintendo Switch, Alisa It is in development for PC, as well as for PlayStation and Xbox. At the moment, it is unclear what generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles will be coming. It is presumably dropping on PS4 and Xbox One, but for now, this is unclear.

Meanwhile, there is currently no news of an accurate release date, but the developer is aiming to release the game sometime in 2021.

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