Nightly Hosts Have Fun on the Flop of the Trump Tulsa Rally


11:57 AM PDT 06/23/2020


Alexandra Del Rosario

Referring to reports that TikTok users and K-pop fans may have taken the seats in a possible prank, Corden likened the president to a villain in the movie, joking that he, too, would have gotten away with it if It wouldn’t have been for those nosy people. children “.

President Donald Trump held his first rally since the coronavirus pandemic began on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What was expected to be an event with a packed Bank of Oklahoma Center and an outdoor “overflow” section for those who couldn’t get a seat inside the 20,000-seat arena was a much smaller gathering, with numerous empty seats,

On Monday episodes of their respective nightly shows, presenters Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden scoffed at the low turnout.

During The Late ShowColbert focused on how the Trump administration promoted the rally, noting that it was touted as “The Great American Return Festival.”

“This indoor rally of thousands of screaming fans was an opportunity for a return of Trump and COVID-19,” Colbert joked. “One of them will have a very good fall.”

Colbert criticized not only the indoor attendance at Saturday’s event, just 6,200 attendees, but also the lack of people in the assigned overflow section. The demonstration’s outdoor space was expected to contain 40,000 supporters, but instead of 25 people, according to a CNN report referenced by Colbert.

“That is not a presidential rally, that is the private party room in the Olive Garden,” he said.

In Tonight’s showFallon quantified the number of rally attendees in different terms. “Trump has had more former employees writing books about him than that,” he said. “Six thousand two hundred people is not a concentration. It is a graduation from a small liberal arts college.”

Meyers also took advantage of low attendance: “Wow, I’ve seen fewer empty seats at an improv show.”

While lower-than-expected attendance could be attributed in part to concerns about the coronavirus, TikTok users and K-pop fans reportedly booked thousands of free tickets to the Trump event with no plans to show up. The nightly hosts expressed their support and pride for the jokers.

“There hasn’t been a coordinated social media effort like this since Sonic the Hedgehog’s teeth changed,” Fallon said.

Both Corden and Noah compared the children to crime solving. Scooby Doo gang, watching “[Trump] I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those nosy kids. “

But Noah noticed a difference between the president and the traditional one. Scooby Doo characters.

“At least Scooby Doo villains wear masks, “he joked.

In addition to criticizing the small turnout at the Tulsa rally, the night hosts also noted Trump’s “walk of shame” after the event.

Returning to the White House from Tulsa, Trump was seen holding his red “Make America Great” hat in hand and his red tie undone, looking “like a drunk wedding guest returning to the Marriott,” Meyers joked. “In some ways, this is the perfect image to sum up the Trump presidency.”