Nidera Tandon, Xavier Besera are under fire as Biden nominees fight to avoid confirmed battles

President Biden is behind a pair of cabinet elections facing a hill race – including Nira Tandon, a candidate for leadership in management and budget, and Xavier Besera, his choice for secretary of health and human services – a growing number of senators. Has vowed to do.

After at least one Democrat – including many swing-vote senators – announced plans to vote against his confirmation, Tandon’s confirmation appears to be at the highest risk. The former president of the Liberal Center for American Progress has repeatedly come under fire during his confirmation hearings, as Republicans have drawn attention to hostile tweets posted against various legislators – many of which he deleted late last year.

H.H.S. Open the Xavier Bekra and ‘Extremist,’ nominations

During that hearing, Sen. Ron Portman, R-Ohio, cited “a few of the negative public statements” by Tanden. In this she sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, “Worst” and Sen. Tom Carton, known as R-Arc, called it a “fraud,” with “more vampire hearts than Ted Cruz,” and at the time – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Key, “Moscow Mitch” and As “Voldemort”, Harry Potter refers to the villain.

Portman said that even after Tandon deleted the tweets, there were still nine-page posts about the cruise that are still ongoing.

“I wonder, in particular, how do you plan to improve the fence and build relationships with members of Congress who are attacked by your public statements?” Asked Portman.

President Biden Xavier Besera, Nira Tanden, standing in the midst of confirmed battles on the hill (Getty Images)

President Biden Xavier Besera, Nira Tanden, standing in the midst of confirmed battles on the hill (Getty Images)

“I recognize anxiety,” Tande replied. “I deeply apologize and apologize for my language – some of my past language. I know this role is a bilateral one, and I know I have to earn the trust of senators across the board. I will work very aggressively to address this concern. . “

BD Supports CLINS Tunden for Budget Director, in another section for confirmation

Tanden said he hopes to work in a “bilateral and non-partisan way”, while acknowledging that “it is up to me to prove it to this committee and its members.” “

But after the hearing, Democratic Sen. Manchin Manchin, DWV, said he would oppose his statements, citing his tweets as saying that his “clearly biased statements would have a toxic and detrimental effect on the important working relationships of members.” Director of Management and Budget. “

“For this reason, I cannot support his nomination,” Manchin said.

Manchin’s opposition means Tandon will need Republican support. That attempt to rob the Republicans was thwarted when Collins also said Monday that he would vote against Tanden – another blow to his confirmation.

Collins said in a statement Monday that Congress must try to trust the OMB director to make a number of decisions that are fair and in line with the letter of the law and the purpose of Congress. “Neera Tanden has neither the experience nor the temperament to lead this complex agency.”

But the White House is still behind him, vowing not to pull his nomination, though, it’s not clear how Tanden could get enough votes.

“The president named her because he thinks she will be more stellar,” White House press secretary Jane Pasaki said Monday, noting her experience.

When asked if she still thinks her confirmation is possible, Sasaki said: “We do.”

Meanwhile, Biden is facing a hefty scrutiny of the electorate, while Besera is preparing for his confirmation hearing in the Senate on Tuesday, as Republicans are signaling plans to focus on trying to torpedo his nomination. But he could also have trouble with Democrats: Manchin’s office fee says he has not decided whether to support Besera.

More than 100 servicers sent a memo to Republican members of Congress outlining their concerns with Besra’s nomination, calling him an “extremist” who would have a liberal agenda if confirmed.


“Besera did not show the agency the necessary life pay, character or respect to live with such an impact on the fundamental rights of all Americans,” he added. “Under his watch, we believe the HHS – an agency that must protect human life, dignity and the values ​​of religious freedom – will be armed to a partisan and destructive end.”

He added: “For all these reasons, we urge the Senate to firmly reject their confirmation.”

Conservative groups have joined Besora’s leading HHS. Also raised the issue amid the coronavirus epidemic, saying he had “no experience in health care” and should instead head a doctor or public health care specialist.

Defending Besra, Biden transition spokesman Rewandrew Bates said: “He has decades of experience in health care policy. Did. “

Bates added that Besera also has a “strong record of fighting low-cost fights for patients.”

Biden is called for a hearing to confirm the OMB electorate’s evidence, he says ‘I’m sorry’.

“That’s why President Biden chooses this tested, qualified leader to be at the forefront of the epidemic response and to help lower drug prices,” Bates said. “We are awaiting his hearing and confirmation votes.”

And Pasaki said Monday, during his briefing, that Besera played a role in helping “through the Affordable Care Act” and “bringing decades of health care policy experience to the table.”

Pasaki pointed to Besra’s work as California’s attorney general and said he “fought with his Republican counterparts to increase access to COVID treatment.”

Despite strong opposition, Biden’s transition team told Fox News that Besera is looking forward to “working in good faith with members of both parties in Congress.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s selection for B Torni General Judge Merrick Garland also appeared for his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. Garland was pressed on hot-button issues, but committee legislators, including Republicans, indicated it could be confirmed.

Fox News’ Megan Henny, Brittany de Lee and Paul Steinhauser contributed to the report.