Nick Saban with an injury update in a fun moment with his granddaughter

He is a fantastic coach when it comes to planning the game, winning, and supporting his players; However, Nick Saban is an even better family man.

As everyone continues to move forward in hopes of a college football season, Saban He is using this time to get closer to his family. The 68-year-old is having so much fun that he even reported a slight injury to himself via Crimson Tide Sports Network.

On their Alabama Athletics summer update program, ESPN’s Eli Gold, Greg Byrne, John Parker Wilson, Rashad Johnson, and Rece Davis (Alabama student) told the story of the six-time national champion competing against his granddaughter on a scooter.

One could only imagine that she is as competitive as he is and refuses to lose.

The exhibition took place on Friday night in Saban’s driveway, when he ended up going off the road and flipping his scooter.

Saban’s granddaughter won the race.

“There wasn’t a big injury, but I was ripped apart – she didn’tt, hme samere.

Most likely, Mrs. Terry Saban came to the rescue, both laughing, but also making sure she was okay.

Obviously, Saban Being well is the main story, but it’s also beautiful to see him continually show the national media that he can still relate to young athletes.

Not only is he durable on scooters, but he’s also laughing a lot for his wife, children, and grandchildren.

While he’s ready to go back to coaching soccer, he’s making good use of time as a grandfather.

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