Nevada Adopts California’s Strict Auto Pollution Rules, Pushing Back Against the Trump Administration

The Nevada governor announced Monday that the state will adopt stricter emission standards for vehicles set by neighboring California, a blow to the Trump administration’s efforts to reverse vehicle standards approved by the Obama administration.

Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) said in a statement that the time was right for Nevada to confront climate change and work to develop sustainable transit options, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that Nevada continue to accelerate efforts to address climate change, including capturing the many benefits of sustainable transportation options for Nevadans,” said Sisolak. “Now is the time to establish a new trajectory that will lead to healthier communities throughout the State of Plata and establish Nevada as a leader in the clean transportation economy.”

Local activists told the newspaper that the changes were the result of concern about air pollution in the Las Vegas region, which is one of the most affected by smog in the country. The state’s decision comes as California engages in a legal battle with the White House over the efforts of the Trump administration to end the exception to the Clean Air Act that allows the state to set its own stricter emissions standards and allows other states to join California’s. rules

California officials have largely resisted the Trump administration’s efforts to reverse emission standards, thereby creating two sets of vehicle standards in the U.S. USA

A local activist told the Times that an increase in forest fires and other effects of climate change demanded Nevada’s decision to join California to adopt the strictest standards.

“Nevada is already feeling many severe impacts of climate change,” said Patricia Valderrama of the Natural Resources Defense Council. “There is a growing interest in more environmentally friendly options and in gaining access to those options.”