Near: Mat Tomato’s game-ignoring cheat was found almost four years after its release

Near: Mat Tomato is a very strange game, requiring multiple “endings” to see its final ending and some of its content really repeated from a different character’s point of view. All of this comes together to deliver one of the most memorable conclusions of video games, but a clever player has managed to figure out a way to let you leave it all. We’re not exactly sure Why You want to, but it’s obviously possible.

Major Spoilers for Nair: Follow Automata!

Once you’ve unlocked the ending of the “E” in Nair: Mat Tomato, you’ll be presented with a final credits sequence that looks at other players’ rescue data that will help you retro shooter order to beat the text. Completing this gives you the opportunity to sacrifice your own savings data – thus erasing all your progress – so that the other player also has a chance to beat the game. This is where Twitter user Lance McDonald comes from.

McDonald’s has not given you the full details of the inputs to activate the cheat but has promised that the full video will come soon. In the teaser above, it shows that you must kill the first boss of the game, which is at the end of the action sequence required to open the game. After that, he moves to the back of the arena, makes a few jumps, and is then given the option to sacrifice his saved data without playing the rest of the game.

This is the “ultimate secret” of the game that the developers teased many years ago, which is the official of the series. Twitter account for Japan revealed Immediately after it was posted. Near: Auto Tomato has more than 20 endings, most of them are jokes, and five need to see a real conclusion. Game director Yoko Tarot confirms the cheat with his own response on January 3rd.

Near’s predecessor: mat Tomato, Near: Replicant, on April 23, is getting a redeveloped and remastered version called Near Replicant Worch.1.22474487139 …. The game will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and the features work again. Auto is similar to tomato.

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