Near: After almost four years, the ‘ultimate secret’ of Auto Tomato has been found

Near: Auto Tomato’s “ultimate secret” has been found almost four years later, and it allows you to leave the whole game. Kotaku, Modder and Dataminer have reported. Lance McDonald Find this cheat code that allows players to go straight to NieR: Mat Tomato only after beating the first boss.Near: in Tomato, which was released in 2017, has a lot of endings in which players need to replay the game several times to really complete the story. This cheat code, however, you can only go to the final end.

For Spielers Next NieR: Automata.

Once you unlock the ending, players must make it through a challenging arcade shooter that you have tried to destroy the game’s credits. Once finished, you will be given the option to sacrifice data to help others in that task. If accepted, you will actually lose your saved file.

This cheat code, however, allows you to finish the game without having to complete it and to help others save your hard earned data. McDonald discovered that this was not a mistake, but an actual cheat code that is programmed in NieR: mat tomato. According to him, it took “Hundreds of hours of reverse engineering” Figure out this.

As of this writing, McDonald’s has not fully stated what the inputs are for activating the cheat code, but the video above shows him doing so near some barrels after defeating the first master above. The screen turns black, and is then able to sacrifice its saved data.

Following this discovery, Near: Auto Tomato director Yoko Taro Quote tweets McDonald’s video and reads “3 years 10 months.” Appeared to confirm the discovery by saying

This Japanese NIR Twitter (Via Google Translation) also acknowledged the discovery, saying, “Looks like the last secret has been found.”

McDonald’s has said it will soon release a full video of the game-skipping cheat code, but don’t forget to let us know if you find it before!This “ultimate secret” comes a few months before the Nair replicant revenge. 1.22474487139 will be released on April 23, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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