NBA Opening Night – The first reactions of our experts to the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors and Kevin Durant

The NBA is back. There is also Kevin Durant.

It’s been more than 560 days since Durant took the court for the last NBA game, but he wasted no time in experiencing his presence in scoring or assisting in the first 13 points of the Brooklyn Nets on the opening-night route of 125-99. His former team, the Golden State Warriors.

Stephen Curry & Co. So it won’t get easier.

On the flip side, it’s been 71 days since the Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA Championship, when the LA Clippers were insulted in September. The Lakers are ready to repeat, and the clippers get rid of.

Cool, the only thing the Lakers repeated on Tuesday night was the Clippers ’early loss of the season, as Paul George scored a game-high 33 points in a 116-109 win.

Our ESPN insiders investigate what is important about the best moments of Durant’s return and why the rest of the Eastern Conference should be so frightened right now, including the Warriors’ Nets Opening-Night Demolition, while the Clippers also have a perspective on the damaged ring. Night for the Lakers.